Three Key Aspects to Design a Better Website

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Key Points to Website Design

The internet is huge. Google alone lists over 3 billion pages. To look at one each second of the day would take you over 99 years to view them all!

Many people can do website design, but how many can actually design a website. The design element is so important but so often overlooked.

A website of quality reflects negatively on your business.

Three Must Have Aspects

First Key Aspect – Color

When designing a website the first important task to remember is color co-ordination. Ideally you should have a maximum of three main colors and possibly some variations and tints of these. By using more than three colors, you run the risk of non-matching colors that become less easy on the visitor’s eyes.

A key to remember here is how much of a “WOW” factor do you want to make with your website. Bright colors, when coordinated, make a lasting impact. Subtle colors suggest elegance and sophistication. What impression do you want to make?

Neither is right or wrong. It just matters what you want to convey to your visitors.

Second Key Aspect – Navigation

The second quality when designing a website is how easily your visitor can navigate around the site. If your site is difficult to find what visitors are looking for, then they won’t stick around to find out how great you are.

Once you site is designed ask some friends or family to test it out. The easier your website is to navigate, the longer people stay on it.

Third Key Aspect – Accessibility

This is a key issue that has been highlighted recently. An Australian website was fined AUD$20,000 for not ensuring people with disabilities and sight impairments could use the website.

These rulings are few and far between (for now) but to help always use ALT tags on images that help describe your image. Use text-based links where possible.

For further information you can check out

Having People Find You

Your site is ready. It’s full of educational and great content, You have optimally designed it. And it’s ready to hit the internet at turbo speed – so how do people find you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is where SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) helps out. Optimising your site for the main search engines helps bring free targeted traffic to your website.

SEO Rules

The basic rules of SEO are:

1. A good Title tag. Using targeted keywords in your industry or niche for your title tag brings good results. For example, Web Design by Orchid Otter Media, indicates that a media company does web design. Your keywords are web design and media.

2. Make sure your keywords appear within your website. The general rule is your keywords should make up around 5% of your copy.

3. Request Linkbacks. Make requests for other sites to link to you from the day your website is activated. Search Engines, particuarly Google, base a large portion of their listings on the number of websites linking to yours as well as the other sites’ popularity and themed relationship to the content on your site.

4. Be patient. Google being the most popular search engine takes longer to place on the first page than other search engines like DuckDuckGo, Qwant, and Swisscows.

Other Sites

Social Media, Discussion Sites like Reddit, and Social Networking sites like Tumblr are additional ways to be found. Utilizing these websites allows you to link back to your website as well as run ads.

Getting traffic takes some skill, but is not impossible to master. Pick a method, get good at it, then rinse and repeat.


By sticking to these basic principles you ensure your site is pleasing to the eye, easy to navigate, and optimized for search engines   visits you should be able to claim your stake in the World Wide Web.

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