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The Two Most Relevant Mediums

The internet and websites are the two most effective and relevant mediums today for communication, promotion, and selling.

The Internet

Today it is so important for businesses, niches, e-commerce stores, and more must have a presence on the Internet. It is imperative to remain competitive.


The most effective method is to have a customized website that reflects your business or niche and its personality. Uniqueness is important so your brand stands out.

Your website is the ultimate landing point you bring people to from other online presences, such as forums, social media, paid advertisements, and more.


Websites represent many different types of
enterprises these days.  Communication, information dissemination, and marketing are made through websites. Therfore, everyone seeks to make their websites stand out on the internet through unique design, ease-of-use, appealing appearance, and optimal search engine visibility.

So when designing your website, your goal is to meet this requisite criteria. When done correctly the result is a unique and personalized website that stands out.

On the other hand content writer, SEO professional and web developer strive to make the website not only informative and SEO friendly but also justify the objective of developing website.

On the other hand content writer, SEO professional and web developer strive to make the website not only informative and SEO friendly but also justify the objective of developing website.


You must determine the primary purpose of your website and support it with secondary ones.

So for example, if your primary objective is to do e-business or internet marketing through your website, .

Whether you are required to make a basic business website to inform about your company, product and competitiveness, then a tailor made website design can carry the information, in an appropriate way.

Your website should work as a loyal representative to the potential buyers who will prefer to start dealing with you seeing your website.

You can reflect your objective as well as what you are through your website.Your website should have a balanced yet attractive graphics and text contents to ideally represent your company.

Three Vital Creators

Whether you choose to design and create your website yourself or contract with a Web Design firm, you need to understand the structure of creating a website.

Content writing, SEO, and web development make the website informative and search-engine friendly as well as justify the objective of developing the website.

Web Designers

This is the first step when creating your website. The Website Designer is the architect who creates the aesthetic look and layout of your site.

Web Designer

He ensures a beautiful and justifiable appearance as well as ease of use and functionality.

This person determines the:

  • purpose of your site
  • best content layout
  • conformity
  • what platform to use
  • pages needed
  • type of content
  • color scheme
  • social media links
  • additional features per your instruction

Content Developers

This can be the Website Designer or a separate group of creators. Without proper and related content in the form of text, graphics, and videos for your business or niche, your website might as well not exist.

Content Developers determines the topics and content of pages and/or posts the Designer has implemented. They suggest the type of content, pages, posts, graphics to support content, ads, items for sale, and so on.

Content Creators

Once this is determined, they:

  • write page and post content
  • SEO (search enginge optimization)
  • create associated graphics and videos
  • design advertising content
  • create sales pages
  • create social media posts
  • create forum topics
  • provide customizations

And they create all this in such a way that your unique business personality and values come forth, as if it were you creating the content.

Web Developers

The Web Developer is the coder. This can also be the Website Designer or a separate person or group.

The Developer uses the design provided by the Website Designer and creates the website via the platform determined by you and the Designer. This can be via a Content Management System like WordPress, a Mobile-First app, or HTML code.

Website Code

In-House or Outsourching

You can develop your website yourself if you have the time and expertise or you can hire a Web Design agency who specializes in the process of designing a custom and competitive website.

In-House, Do-It-Yourself

If you have the time and the talent, you can save money, but you will exchange it for time.

Creating a website requires:

  • technical knowledge
  • writing skills
  • graphic design skills
  • video skills
  • problem solving techniques
  • design capabilities
  • patience
  • time management skills
  • the ability to quickly go to another plan or revise your current plan
  • time for maintenance of your site (software updates, new content, technical changes, etc)

Plan on things coming up and going side-ways. You must be capable of dealing with this in addition to performing your normal work duties.

So keep this in mind if you decide to go with the DIY approach.

Outsourcing with a Design Agency

A website development firm specializes in all of the tasks associated with creating and maintaining a website.

If you decide this is your best option, check out websites they have created and talk with the people who will be creating your site. Meet with them in person if you can. Ask how often they will update you about the progress being made and how often you will recieve updates for review. Do they have a schedule for this? Do they deliver on time?

Make sure they are current in development and technology related to web design. You want a modern agency, not one that is still designing for the first decade of the 21st century!

Get a feel about them to determine if they are compatible with you and your way of performing and thinking.

Make sure that you feel it will be a good working relationship, since it will be a long-term committment for both of you.


Do You Already Have a Website?

Maybe you have a website, but it is not performing well.

Do your graphics attract online visitors? Do they attract targeted visitors who are ready to buy?

Does your content elicite feelings of stability, reliable service, and knowledge about your business or niche?

If you are selling products, can your visitors easily find what they are looking for? Is the content laid out well and aesthetically pleasing? Is the buying process easy to navigate and complete?

Is your website easy to navigate? Does it have a useful Site Map?

Four Crucial Parts to Your Website

  1. Appearance
  2. Usability
  3. Quality of information
  4. Information Accessibility

These four parts must work interchangeably. They are interrelated and all must be present on your site so it flows well and is easily understood.

Keep all these facts in mind when deciding who and how your website will be built or how to best modify your existing website for better performance.


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